Artificial Intelligence in Process Safety Management

Explore potential use cases for AI-PSM using any FACILEX® Process Safety Management solution without disrupting daily operations.

AI-PSM Pilot Projects: Moving from Talk to Action

Precision from initiation
to close-out.

This AI-POWERED PSM™ solution can be optionally integrated with an artificial intelligence assistant to generate the common action items appropriate for the targeted change.

The FACILEX® AI Pilot is fully customizable to your needs. Whether you’re interested in incident data analysis, MOC checklist processing, or any other aspect of Process Safety Management, the AI-PSM Pilot can be tailored to focus on what matters most to your business. Begin exploring AI integration in key areas of PSM processes, validate game-changing solutions, and start mapping a seamless transition to implementation.


Unleash the potential of your process safety system.

FACILEX® is derived from the Pillars of Process Safety. MOC is a complex Process Safety Management process that offers tremendous potential for utilizing artificial intelligence to assist in scoping and generating reports.

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